Eye emergencies can occur unexpectedly, making it crucial to know what steps to take if urgent eye care is needed for yourself or a loved one.
Firstly, it’s important to remain calm. Keeping a level head not only helps you think clearly but also contributes to a calm environment for those around you.
Secondly, avoid attempting to evaluate the severity of an eye injury independently. Instead, reach out to your eye doctor for guidance on the appropriate course of action. At Blinc Eye Care, we are well-versed in ocular emergencies and are available to assist you at any time.

While not all eye emergencies require a visit to the emergency room, it is crucial to use your judgment. Studies indicate that a significant number of individuals seeking urgent eye care at emergency rooms could have received appropriate treatment from an optometrist.

What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?
An eye emergency encompasses any situation that poses a risk of permanent damage to your eyes or vision. Common types of eye emergencies include:

  • Eye infection
  • Foreign object lodged in the eye
  • Eye trauma
  • Scratched eye
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Lost contact lens in the eye
  • Unexpected appearance of light flashes or floaters

Is an Eye Infection an Emergency?
While conditions like conjunctivitis (pink eye) typically do not necessitate emergency eye care, it is important to promptly consult your eye doctor if you suspect an eye infection for diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms Requiring Emergency Eye Care:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Sudden double vision
  • Sudden eye pain
  • New onset of light flashes and/or floaters
  • Foreign body in the eye
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Swelling or pain post-eye surgery

How to Handle Something in Your Eye:
Foreign bodies can range from an eyelash or speck of sand to a metal shard, blade of grass, or wood fragment. Regardless of the object, swift removal is crucial to reduce the risk of serious injury or infection. However, attempting to remove a foreign body without proper knowledge can lead to complications. Seeking urgent eye care is advisable if you cannot flush out the object with water or saline solution.

If you suspect a foreign body has penetrated your eye, or if there is any blood or discharge, contact your eye doctor immediately. Describe the situation, and your eye doctor may recommend a visit to the emergency room.

What to Do in an Eye Emergency:
Contact Blinc Eye Care for an emergency eye care appointment. If uncertain about whether your symptoms warrant emergency attention, reach out to us anyway, as delaying treatment could pose risks of serious complications and vision loss.

Until you receive care:

  • Avoid pressing on or rubbing an injured eye
  • Refrain from attempting to remove a foreign body on your own
  • Do not use dry cotton or sharp instruments on the eye
  • Refrain from trying to extract an embedded object

Call our office in Montgomery for further guidance. We are here to assist you!