Do you have blurred vision? A sensation of having something in your eye, watery eyes due to irritation or even eye redness? Then you may have Tear Film Dysfunction (“dry eye”) and need to be seen by a doctor. Here at Blinc Eye Care, we are proud to offer our NEW Dry Eye Spa for our patients.

We are now introducing the latest equipment that not only helps replenish the eye from burning, itching, redness and any other dry eye affects you may be having, but it can even help with stye’s and chalazion. We offer two unique steps below when providing the patient with the optimum relief followed up with an appointment by our doctor and after care.


The LidPro is designed to help exfoliate the eyelid margin and help get rid of any eyelid debris due to Blepharitis.

MiBo Thermoflo

The MiBo Thermoflo is a therapeutic medical device that offers effective therapy for dry eyes. It uses a proprietary thermoelectric heat plate to help maximize liquefaction of meibum, which improves preservation and function of the tear film.

If you have any question about dry eye or would like to be seen, please contact us today.